New record of rust disease caused by Puccinia oxalidis on Oxalis latifolia from India

Rajnish Kumar Verma1, Ajay Kumar Gautam2, *, Ankit Singh3, Shubhi Avasthi4, Indu Bhushan Prasher5, Mohan Chandra Nautiyal3, Harpreet Singh1

1Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Swami Vivekanand Group of Institutes, Ramnagar, Banur, Punjab -140506, India; 2School of Agriculture, Abhilashi University, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, 175028, India; 3High Altitude Plant Physiology Research Centre, H.N.B. Garhwal University, Srinagar, Garhwal 246174, India; 4School of Studies in Botany, Jiwaji University, Gwalior 474011, Madhya Pradesh, India; 5Department of Botany, Mycology and Plant Pathology Laboratory, Panjab University Chandigarh, 160014, India; *Corresponding author, email: [email protected]

A severe rust infection was observed on the plantations of Oxalis corniculata (Oxalidaceae),commonly known as procumbent yellow sorrel, in Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh, and on O. latifolia, known as garden pink-sorrel, in Uttarakhand in northern India. Detailed morphological examination of the diseased leaf samples was conducted, which confirmed the identity of the pathogen as Puccinia oxalidis. Rust symptoms on the host plants, along with taxonomic account of the phytopathogen are detailed in this paper. A taxonomic key of Puccinia species reported from Oxalis species is provided to facilitate its identity. In addition to understand its global host range, a worldwide host distribution of P. oxalidis is provided. The present study is the first detailed taxonomic account of P. oxalidis on Oxalis corniculata from Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh in northern India. To the best of our knowledge, this is a new record of P. oxalidis from O. latifolia from India.

Verma RK, Gautam AK, Singh A, Avasthi S, Prasher IB, Nautiyal MC, Singh H (2020) New record of rust disease caused by Puccinia oxalidis on Oxalis latifolia from India. MycoAsia 2020/01. 

Received: 28.06.2019 | Accepted: 14.03.2020 | Published: 14.03.2020 | Handling Editor: Dr. Rajeshkumar K. C.

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