Reviewer Guidelines

As a reviewer for MycoAsia, your expertise plays an essential role in maintaining and enhancing the quality of the journal and its publications. We thank you for your contribution, and in order to facilitate your review process, we have outlined the following guidelines:

Acceptance of Review Invitation: Upon receipt of a review invitation, please promptly determine your ability to review the manuscript based on:

  • Familiarity with the topic
  • Potential conflict of interest
  • Availability to complete the review within the specified timeline.

If you are unable to review, kindly decline the invitation promptly so the manuscript can be sent to another reviewer.

Confidentiality: Maintain the confidentiality of the review process. Do not discuss the manuscript with anyone not directly involved in the review process. Do not use information obtained during the review process for personal or professional gain.

Review Process: Start by reading the manuscript abstract and introduction to get an overview of the research. Evaluate the methodology: is it sound and adequately detailed? Assess the results: do they support the conclusions? Are the data analyses correct? Consider the discussion and conclusions: do they link back to the presented data and existing literature? Review the references for completeness and accuracy.

Providing Constructive Feedback: Be professional and respectful in your comments. Critique the work, not the authors. Provide clear, concise, and actionable feedback. Highlight both strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript.

Review Report: Summary: Start with a brief summary of the paper. Major issues: List any major issues that could affect the validity of the work. Minor issues: Note any smaller issues such as typos, formatting issues, or minor clarifications. Recommendation: Indicate your recommendation regarding the manuscript (accept, minor revisions, major revisions, reject).

Timely Review: Please submit your review within the timeline provided. If you need an extension, contact the editorial office as soon as possible.

Post-Review: After submitting your review, be prepared for possible consultation by the editor. You may be asked to review a revised version of the manuscript.

By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute significantly to the scientific rigor and integrity of the work published in MycoAsia. We appreciate your time, effort, and expertise in this critical process.