Tuesday, February 27, 2024


Welcome to MycoAsia Journal of Modern Mycology
Founded in 2019 by leading mycologists of Asia, MycoAsia is an esteemed open-access, peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to mycology (e-ISSN: 2582-7278). Our platform is integral to the dissemination of knowledge and recent advancements in the field, particularly with an emphasis on Asian contexts. We publish a range of scholarly contributions: from original research articles and comprehensive reviews to short communications and letters to the editor, encapsulating areas such as fungal diversity, ecology, phylogeny, and taxonomy.

Why Choose MycoAsia for Your Publication?
Commitment to Open Access: Our unwavering commitment to the open access model ensures that your research is accessible to scholars, researchers, and enthusiasts worldwide, unimpeded by paywalls.
No Publication Fees: In our effort to support the academic community, we have eliminated publication fees, allowing you to submit your work without financial concerns.
Efficient Publication Process: Recognizing the value of timely publication in academia, our refined review process guarantees rapid dissemination without compromising on research quality.
Distinguished International Editorial Board: Our editorial board, a consortium of renowned experts from diverse geographies, ensures a rigorous and unbiased peer-review process.
Global Reach & Impact: Partnering with MycoAsia guarantees that your research achieves maximum visibility and influence in the global academic community.

Submission & Contact
If you wish to contribute your manuscript to MycoAsia, please email it to [email protected].