Manuscript submission: Well-prepared manuscripts, including cover letter, declarations on authorship and conflict of interest/ competing interests, main text, figures, tables, references, acknowledgements, supplementary information can be emailed to Please note that there is no format required during the initial submission.

Author Guidelines

MycoAsia deals with discovery, cultivation, characterization, description, identification, classification, metabolites and nomenclature of fungi, preferably from (under-explored) terrestrial, aquatic and atmospheric habitats of Asian countries. The journal also welcomes manuscripts on lichens.

Types of manuscripts: MycoAsia would consider manuscripts for publication under the major categories: (i) original research articles (ii) reviews, and (iii) opinion articles that fall within the broad aims and scope of the journal. There is no limitation on page length. There is no limitation on number of figures and tables.

Peer-review process: All manuscripts submitted to MycoAsia will be first examined for quality by the Editorial Office. If serious issues of scientific misconduct, including plagiarism, data manipulation/ fabrication, image manipulation, multiple submission, redundant publication etc. are suspected, such manuscripts shall be returned to the authors. Manuscripts scrutinised by the Editorial Board shall be assigned to a Handling Editor for a peer-review process. Handling editor will invite reviewers and obtain their expert opinions on novelty, methodology and scientific claims presented in the manuscript. If reviewers agree, their names can be revealed on author’s request. Handling Editor will forward reviewers reports and his/ her recommendation/ comments to the Editorial Office for further processing. Editor-in-Chief/ Managing Editor will arrive at a decision whether to accept or reject the manuscript. Final acceptance shall be subject to minor/ major revision of the manuscript, as the case may be. 

Editorial Office will communicate the decision to the corresponding author. This process should normally take 8-10 weeks. In some instances, it might take more time, due to issues which are beyond the control of the Editorial Office. In any case, if the authors don’t get any response within 60 days post-submission, they may contact the Editorial Office ( to know the status of their submission.

Normally, authors will be given 30 days to revise their manuscript and resubmit, along with point-wise response to reviewers’ concerns/ comments. Authors will receive instructions on formatting requirements which they should strictly follow, at this stage. Final decision shall be communicated to the corresponding author within 2-4 weeks after the resubmission. In some cases, the Editor-in-Chief/ Managing Editor may opt for additional rounds of peer-review.

Post-acceptance scenario: MycoAsia production team will email the final proof to the corresponding author, who will return it to the production team with minor corrections, within a reasonable time as specified in the mail. Major corrections will go for editorial approval, hence best be avoided at this stage. 

Access to published papers: Papers will be published on the journal website, and the corresponding author will be notified about it through email. The PDF version of published papers can be downloaded for free from the journal website without any restriction.

Corrigendum: Any corrections in published papers can be affected only through a corrigendum.