Editor Guidelines

Role of Editors: The role of an editor at MycoAsia is to manage the peer review process, make decisions on manuscripts, and uphold the journal’s policies and standards.

Confidentiality: Editors must maintain confidentiality about the manuscripts they handle. Information about a manuscript should only be disclosed to those involved in the review process.

Conflict of Interest: If an editor has a conflict of interest regarding a specific manuscript, they should recuse themselves from handling that manuscript.

Fair Review: Editors should ensure that each manuscript is reviewed objectively, without bias towards the author(s). Decisions should be based on the quality of the manuscript and its relevance to MycoAsia.

Handling of Corrections and Retractions: If errors or issues are found in a published article, editors should follow standard procedures for corrections or retractions.

Ethics: Editors should uphold the ethical standards of MycoAsia, including ensuring that all research involving humans or animals has received appropriate ethical approval.

Support and Mentorship: Editors should support and mentor new members of the editorial team, sharing their expertise and promoting a collegial atmosphere.

Continuous Improvement: Editors should participate in efforts to improve the editorial processes at MycoAsia, including attending editorial board meetings and participating in ongoing training and development.

Please note that these guidelines are subject to change as MycoAsia evolves and grows. We are committed to maintaining a high-quality, ethical, and inclusive editorial process. We thank you for your commitment to MycoAsia and look forward to working together to promote mycological research in Asia and beyond.