Resolving the phylogenetic placement of Gangliostilbe in the family Xenospadicoidaceae (Xenospadicoidales)

Sneha Lad1, Kunhiraman C. Rajeshkumar1, *, Paraparath O. Sruthi1, Nikhil Ashtekar1, Abdulsalim P. Ansil1, Rajnish K. Verma2, Nalin N. Wijayawardene3

1National Fungal Culture Collection of India (NFCCI), Biodiversity and Palaeobiology (Fungi) Group, MACS Agharkar Research Institute, G. G. Agarkar Road, Pune, 411 004, Maharashtra, India, 2Department of Plant Pathology, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, 141 004, Punjab, India, 3Center for Yunnan Plateau Biological Resources Protection and Utilization, College of Biological Resource and Food Engineering, Qujing Normal University, Qujing, Yunnan, 655011, P. R. China, Corresponding author, email: [email protected]

This study resolves the phylogenetic position of an anamorphic synnematous genus, Gangliostilbe,(typified by G. indica) collected from the Northern Western Ghats of India. Gangliostilbe can be distinguished based on its erect synnemata, simple, dark-coloured, well-defined stalk, a subglobose to clavate head, and solitary, acrogenous, brown, phragmoconidia having three or more septa that secede through gangliar conidiogenesis. Phylogenetic analysis based on ITS and LSU sequence data supported the placement of Gangliostilbe in Xenospadicoidaceae (Xenospadicoidales). Gangliostilbe is the only genus in Xenospadicoidaceae having synnematous conidiomata and gangliar conidiogenesis.

Lad S, Rajeshkumar KC, Sruthi OP, AshtekarN, Ansil PA, VermaRK, Wijayawardene NN(2022) Resolving the phylogenetic placement of Gangliostilbe in the family Xenospadicoidaceae (Xenospadicoidales). MycoAsia 2022/01. 


Received: 16.12.2021 | Accepted: 30.01.2022 | Published: 30.01.2022 | Handling Editor: Dr. Belle Damodara Shenoy | Reviewers: Dr. Rajesh Jeewon, Dr. Mubashar Raza, Dr. Gunjan Sharma

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